Saturday, January 23, 2010

203: Sharing Photos 102

Almost a week ago, I showed you some of my ideas on how to get guests to share photos. At the end, I said that I was going to use a photo sharing website and my top contenders are Wedding LensSeeYouThen!PhotoblogWeddingPhotoShot, and Flickr

In this class, I'll be looking at the pros and cons of each of these websites, and hopefully making a decision!

First up: The Wedding Lens

  • Pros
    • We get a private, password protected album
    • Send guests a personal code to upload pictures
    • Guests don't need to register for anything
    • We can sort, move, delete all photos
    • E-mail updates on account activity, guests can get e-mail updates on new pictures
    • Us and guests can order prints
    • Clear descriptions on their FAQ page
    • Can have e-mail reminders sent out to guests before and after the wedding
    • Unlimited photos
  • Cons
    • Better features need to be paid for
    • Prices are expensive: start at $99.95 for 1 year
    • Can't download photos in basic plan

Next: SeeYouThen!
  • Pros
    • Unlimited photos and guests
    • Photos go on a private wedding website-password protected
    • Personalize the wedding website
    • Photos can be downloaded easily by us and guests
    • Photos sent to us on DVD or USB drive
    • Paying for 1 year is cheaper here than The Wedding Lens
  • Cons
    • Guests need to register
    • Need to pay for services: $49.95 for 6 months or $79.95 for 1 year

Next: PhotoBlog
  • Pros
    • Set up a wedding photo blog
    • All photos would be on one account
    • Site is for sharing photos
    • Cheaper per year: $24.95, allows for 30 pictures per entry, and can watermark images
  • Cons
    • Free account only lets you upload 5 pictures per entry
    • Don't know how many pictures people will want to upload
    • Can only see larger (800px) version on paid account
    • Guests may not understand how to use the site or upload pictures
    • Guests could also delete other posts (on purpose or accident)

Next: WeddingPhotoShot
  • Pros
    • Receive a copy of all images, not matter what level you pay for
    • Get a slideshow as well
    • If you pay for higher levels you get more with it
  • Cons
    • Not an American company: all prices are in British Pounds
    • Need to pay for all levels
    • Can only upload for 9 weeks after the wedding on the lowest level
    • Don't get much in each level

Last: Flickr
  • Pros
    • Well known among younger crowd
    • Can store a ton of photos, Unlimited photos & videos with paid version
    • Cheaper than other sites: $24.95 per year for Pro
  • Cons
    • Everyone would log in under the same name, so some people could delete photos
    • I used it a couple times and found it a little confusing

I lied, last one: Picasa
  • Pros
    • Free
    • 1GB storage
    • Can edit photos
  • Cons
    • Need to download picasa
    • Not sure if they can all upload to same album/place
    • Guests can edit photos

I feel like I'm still stuck. I need to pay for almost every site to be allowed to upload more photos. I don't want to pay a lot of money (if any) for pictures that guests can easily give me for free, but I want to make it easy for them to upload pictures and for me to download them. I'm also not sure why I'm afraid of guests having access to editing and deleting photos.

Once again, I'm still unable to make up my mind. Help me out!

How did you make your decision on a photo sharing site? What site sounds like the best deal to you?

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  1. A con for Picasa is downloading the application, but have you considered Picasa Web? As I understand it, the Picasa service offers both an offline and an online interface which would make the download optional for the guests. Not to mention, it integrates with Blogspot, if you wanted to include any in a subsequent post.

    Finally, the Data Liberation Front ( ensures your ability to liberate your pictures from the service and take them where you want.

    (PS I haven't actually used Picasa or Picasa Web, but I know some people who do and it seems that they like it)


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