Tuesday, January 19, 2010

207: Music Monday (Tuesday) #13 (Father/Daughter Dance)

Whoops! I forgot to post music yesterday! I wasn't really home. I was out looking at flowers and bought some hoodies for the girls (which I'll post on later)!

This week I'll do 2 Father/Daughter dance options! There are a few music options that I'm thinking about, and these 2 both have Cinderella as the theme.

Option #1: It's by Steven Curtis Chapman, and it's called Cinderella. I think it's a great song, and is a pretty good fit for our relationship. Unfortunately we're not extremely close, so this isn't a typical daddy's girl song. I decided on this one pretty early, but have some other options that I really like too.

Option #2: It's by Chuck Wicks, and it's called Stealing Cinderella. It's also a great song, and is great because  it describes how my dad is feeling about me getting married (at least I think!).

There are a few more options I have that I'll share, and hopefully you can help me decide what I want!

How did you decide on your Father/Daughter dance song?

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