Monday, January 18, 2010

208: Sharing Photos 101

One of the fun things about weddings is the pictures that the guests take. They have different angles of everything, a different view, and hang out with guests the professional photographer may not get pictures of. It's a great way to see everyone at the wedding having a great time (hopefully!). How do you get some of these pictures?

Ask guests to e-mail them to you, but that could take a while since photos could be large, and most people won't do it.

An alternative to that is supplying guest with a disk to put the photos on, and a stamped enveloped for them to send it back to you. That could be pretty expensive, even if you have a disk for every 5 guests.

You can always put out those disposable cameras on each table, but for someone who has about 20 tables, that could add up quickly.

You can always rent a Canditto (as seen from Miss French Fries). It is pretty expensive at $450 per week, but you get everyone's photos. It's really easy though, rent it, it ships to you, they put their photos on (they only upload pictures from the last 8 hours), it goes on a thumb drive (you get 2 copies/thumb drives), you ship it back. The shipping is free (it better be for that price!), so it's pretty easy. The only downside (besides the price) is that the guest doesn't get to look at their photos first to take off inappropriate or offensive pictures after the reception is underway.

Another idea is using a photo sharing site. This is where the bride & groom can set up an account where either guests can upload pictures to a certain site, or they can create a group and guests join the group to upload pictures. The bride (or groom) can make up little photo sharing cards to let the guests know to go to the site and any passwords or other information they might need to know. I've been planning on going this route for the last few months and since I just won the giveaway of 100 business cards, I won't have to pay for most of them!

I've been looking at some possibilities of photo sharing sites so I can make my decision. The sites I'm looking at: The Wedding Lens, SeeYouThen!, Photoblog, WeddingPhotoShot, and Flickr. I haven't looked through them all carefully or anything yet, but I'm slightly leaning toward one of the first two.

I'll look at the photo sharing sites in "Sharing Photos 102"!!

How did you try to gather guest photos from your wedding?


  1. We're doing a photosharing site ... we plan to send out the address in the the thank you notes. One more reason to get them done early!

  2. This is a great post...I got some great ideas from you and Meagan about how to ask our guests to share their photos! You found some great resources!

  3. I love The Wedding Lens! Great idea and this is a wonderful post. Thanks for entering my giveaway and good luck with all the planning!


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