Sunday, January 17, 2010

209: And They're Off!...

..and guests should have them!!

If you're like Josh, you'll ask "they what?" The Save-the-Dates (STD's), of course!

I sent the STD's in the mail on Friday, and guests should have gotten them by today! (I've gotten numerous compliments already) I can now show you what they look like! It was a long road to get the STD's to look like this (which I'll share in another post), and I'm extremely happy how they turned out.

Here are the front and back:

That's the gazebo where he proposed to me and that's the picture of us the night we got engaged!

I made them look like post cards and ordered them through VistaPrint, where I spent about $21? I think under actually, and then 28 cents per post card (we didn't use all 100 and a couple we handed out). The quality of the post card is amazing! I would highly recommend VistaPrint to anyone! Here are the post cards in real life:

I hand wrote everyone's address so it didn't look like a company sent them out or it was a general thing, and then Josh and I put stamps on them all.

Josh helping me out...and laughing at my picture taking.

Did you do STD's? How did they turn out?


  1. I also LOVE (loooooooooove) VistaPrint! I custom made out STD's (postcard fashion) and our invites via VP- I got all 100 custom (to EXACTLY how I wanted them) invites done via VP for under $150!!! I also made our photosharing cards on thier business cards for $10!! CHEEEEAP AND amazing quality!
    love your STD's super cute! <3

  2. Yay for finishing your STD's! I'm glad they turned out well!


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