Saturday, January 16, 2010

210: Put the "Petal" to the Metal, Part 1

I've relatively known what I wanted as far as flowers go since the day we got engaged, and by relatively, I mean I only knew that I HAVE to have daisies in the bouquets.

I've gone back and forth on wanting different flowers in the bouquet from roses to carnations, glads to lilies, and deciding on the color scheme was also important. That determines what colors I'll be using in the bouquets and what I want used for ribbon or accessories to the bouquet. I have not yet seen a bouquet anywhere that I have seen and said "This is my bouquet." This creates a problem when visiting florists. I have 2 appointments with florists next week, so I've been trying to look all over for ideas on what I want.

My general idea so far:

  • I want Shasta (white) Daisies with pink and yellow roses and violets (or small white daisies). I'd even be fine with white Gerber Daisies, pink and yellow roses with small white daisies. I really would like to try to have violets, because of the poem I got when we started dating. I want a round bouquet.
  • For the girls: pink or yellow (whatever they aren't wearing) Gerber Daisies perhaps with either the violets or small white daisies. It will also be a round or nosegay bouquet.
  • Bouts: No clue. I haven't made up my mind. I'd like them to have Gerber Daisies in the same color as the girl, perhaps with some small white daisies. Josh would have a white daisy, maybe with sweetheart roses.
  • I won't even try to go over everyone else's yet. 
  • I'm not a fan of having a lot of "greens" in the bouquets or bouts.
So, you want to see what I've found so far? Part 1 will show you my options for my lovely ladies:

Personal Photo

Personal Photo

Personal Photo

**I have no clue where I got this. I can't find the link. If it's yours, let me know and I'll give you credit!!**

(Source for two previous)

(Source for three previous)

Personal Photo-I like the color of the yellow daisy

Personal Photo of a book the florist had

What did you do for your girls? Where did you find your floral inspiration?

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  1. These posts are so timely for me. I have my first appointment with a florist on Friday, so I've been in high-gear as far as finding floral inspiration. I think, since we are using black, white, and eggplant as our main colors, that I'll have some dark callas in there somewhere. Other than that, I'm so lost and hoping that the florist will give me some good ideas!


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