Wednesday, January 13, 2010

213: The Guys Play Dress-Up

Picking out what we want our guys to wear was much easier than picking out what the girls will wear!

Last week, Josh & I went to Tuxedo Corner, a tux place we saw at the bridal show we went to. We looked around at what they had to offer and I liked what we saw:
(All photos are personal photos)

For the groomsman

For my groom

We decided that we liked these styles, but wanted to come back with some of the guys to try on styles together and pick out what we like. We went back with our Best Man, A, two groomsman, my brother, T & Josh's brother, M, and my dad. I was a little sad because my dad didn't get to try anything on, and he was all ready to! The other guys got to try on stuff though.

My pictures didn't really turn out in the place, but you'll get the point. It's hard to tell the details of a lot of this, too. Don't worry!

First, we decided to go with black vests for everyone because they didn't have a pink vest to match the girls' dresses. We were trying to decide to which vest designed we liked best, and ended up going with a bunch of little squares. It looks good even though you can't tell in the pictures, trust me! Don't make fun of them either. You can't get them all to smile or look good at once either!

The vest styles and 2 jacket styles

We ended up going with a two button jacket instead of a one button jacket.

The 2 tie colors. We actually went with the vest on the right.

The guys in their suits. L-R: T, Josh, M & A

Josh tried on his jacket with the vest and tie he liked.

This is how they'll look standing next to each other...well, their suits, not their faces.

I wanted one of the 4 boys.

We picked out what they would wear, and they were free to go unless they wanted to get fitted. Two of them decided to get fitted, so we have 4 more plus dads to get fitted. That has to be done at the beginning of March. Josh decided to get fitted too:

The shoes Josh picked out.

Josh in everything but the jacket.

I won't post him completely done. It's not fair that I can post pictures of him but I'm not posting any of me. It's still not a fair trade, but I won't post any of him completely done up with the jacket.

The final look:
  • Groomsman:
    • Black, 2 button, peaked lapel jacket
    • Black pants
    • White wing tip shirt
    • Black vest (with small squares)
    • Their own shoes (unless they want to rent)
    • Pink (GM)/Yellow (BM) neck tie
    • Cost: $83
  • Fathers:
    • Black, 2 button, peaked lapel jacket
    • Black pants
    • White wing tip shirt
    • Black vest (with small squares)
    • Their own shoes (unless they want to rent)
    • Black bow tie
    • Cost: $83
  • Groom:
    • Black, 2 button, peaked lapel jacket with satin lining
    • Black pants
    • White wing tip shirt
    • White vest
    • Rented shoes with matted top
    • White bow tie
    • Cost: $30
The only thing we're unsure of is the ring bearers. It's $43 to rent, which isn't too bad, but neither of the ring bearer's parents have a ton of money to spend on this, so I'm trying to figure out what to do. I'll be posting on at after I look around some.

I just realized we haven't figured anything out for our officiant. I'm not sure he'd want to pay $80 for a tux, but he doesn't need to match either. I'll have to talk to Josh & maybe we can go look at Good Will or Salvation Army or a department store (yeah, a wide range, but I'm sure he'd rather look at Good Will first!). We should talk to him too. I guess I'll have to post on that too!

I'm so happy that we only went to the store twice, and decided in one day!

How did your tux fittings go?

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  1. Your guys look great! Having the different colors mixes it up but keeps it looking good.


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