Tuesday, January 12, 2010

214: Because Not Everyone Brings Tissues to the Ceremony

So remember when I talked about my "Tears of Joy" tissue packet inspiration? I bought paper to try and make the packets, but ended up just buying Martha Stewart Eyelet Confetti Envelopes. I finally put all of the tissues into the envelopes and put labels on the outsides!

Here's a picture after I took off the eyelet and emptied out the confetti. I trimmed the tissues to fit the envelopes. After, I realized I could have re-folded them, but it was too late at that point! Hopefully no one cares or notices.

I stuffed 20 of these bad boys. They looked like this after I stuffed them.

These are the circles I put on the back to close the envelope. There's a daisy behind the "M". I printed them out & used a hole punch to cut them.

Here they are on the backs of the envelopes.

What I put on the front of the envelopes

Note to self: Don't try cutting these out with scissors. Use a paper cutter first! I ended up with little parts of the black line on it, or I wouldn't cut straight. I used the paper cutter, but only after I used scissors! I feel that they look a little "too handmade", but I'll just have to deal. It's a small detail that many people won't even see.

After cutting them out. They don't look too bad here. Don't let them fool you.

Put on the front of the envelope!

The basket we're using to put them in. I got this from Josh the day we started dating. It had the roses in them before they died. I'm so happy to use it in the wedding!

The only thing I'm unsure of is what (if anything) I should do about decorating the basket. I do like it as is, especially because it's important, but there is a plastic lining inside (that I might be able to take off) from the plant. Do I line it with nice fabric? Do I color the hearts pink (they're red now)? Tie some ribbon on the handle somewhere? Or leave it as it is?

Did you have tissues for your guests? How did you display them? 


  1. I made tissues for my upcoming wedding too! I love them. You can see mine on my blog. :)

    Yours turned out really cute. I like the sentimental touch on the basket. Maybe you can take some pretty ribbon in your wedding color and tie a bow on the handle?


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