Monday, January 11, 2010

215: Music Monday #12 (Musician Packet)

It's been a while since I've been on, and unfortunately I don't have anything planned to write about today, so I think I'm going to write about the binder of music I gave to my musicians. (Don't worry! I have a few things to talk about this week!) I gave the music to our guitarist this weekend, and when I handed it to him, he was so excited and surprised by the binder and note he got! It made me so excited! I figured I could share with you what I did, since it turned out really good. Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures of the binder, so I'll just have to give you the outline of everything.

I bought the two musicians a white binder (the singers are only singing one song, so I just put that music and a CD of the entire ceremony line-up in a nice folder for them), and filled it with goodies!

  • I printed out a little cover that said Wedding Ceremony Music in our font, and had a treble clef in the background and violins and guitars in the corners. I didn't save it, and didn't take a picture, so you'll just have to use your imagination.
  • First: They each got a letter thanking them for agreeing to do this, making sure they know I'm going to make it easy for them and if they don't want to do something to let me know. I also put the list of songs & how I want everything to sound. Here's the letter that went to the guitarist, they were both the same, just a couple words were changed between the two. Hopefully it's clear.
  • Second: In dividers, I put the music (in order) of the ceremony, following the titles in the letter (Prelude, Processional, During the Ceremony, and Recessional). I got all of the music from Music Notes, a digital sheet music site. You have to pay for each song, and paying for most songs, it added up, but hopefully it's worth it, and you can also find coupons online by searching them.
  • Last: I put a CD of recordings of every song on that list. That way, they can hear how each sound and can get an idea of how it goes.
I know it can be a lot for non-professional musicians, but I'm completely willing to work with them to make it easy for them. I have tons of ideas on if they don't want to or can't do certain songs and getting around it. The only thing I seem to be having trouble with is the violinist. She needs violin music, not the sheet music like I gave her to be able to play. It's pretty hard to find that, especially after spending a ton of money on this music I did get. Anyone have any suggestions on what I can do? I need to talk to the guitarist to see what he can do to help, but I'm stuck!

Did you ask friends to be musicians, or did you go the "pro" route? Did you get to pick the line-up? How did you present the musicians their music?


  1. What a great way to really specify what you want from your musicians! I'm sure they really appreciated your organization and providing it so far ahead of time too!

  2. Any professional musician can perform, but your friends are more meaningful. I think having friends perform is the better choice.

    At one wedding I attended all of the photographers (yes, that's plural) were friends. They did have good equipment and skills since they were all photo majors.


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