Tuesday, January 5, 2010

221: Time to Make Tux Decisions, Then I Win a Diamond Necklace!

On Sunday I went to another bridal show. This was the third one I went to, and this time, I brought Josh along so we could look at tux places. Neither of us went in as happy campers. We had a teeny fight about when we left, and since he didn't really even want to go, he wasn't happy at all while we were there. I was only looking for a couple things: tuxes, flower ideas, and rental information.

I'm pretty clueless when it comes to men's formal wear, especially where to buy them. I've only really heard of two places: the big chains. I had my heart set on going with Men's Wearhouse for the guy's attire. I really think they're very professional, and have a great image. I've heard nothing but good things about them. Unfortunately, they didn't have a good deal at the show for us to want to book them. The second place I wanted to go to was Tuxedo Junction. I wasn't completely crazy about going with them, but they have better prices and offer a colored back to the vests:

*Surprisingly, there are NO pictures of this online! I'll need to see if I can get the picture from the brochure on here*

There were a few other tux places at the bridal show, and one we both ended up liking a lot was Tuxedo Corner, a local tux shop. They start at $20 less than TJ, and although you have to pay $20 extra for shoes (if needed), they'd have to pay $20 extra for the vest. Still, $60 for the whole thing isn't that bad (if they don't need shoes)! I'll talk about my options more in the next couple of days though. We'll be going in within the next 2 weeks (before the next bridal show) to see about their selection and to make a decision on what we're doing.

Anyways, at the show I happened to see another example of flowers that I also liked. I'm really not sure what I want to do, and I have a couple appointments in 2 weeks with florists, so closer to those I'll talk some more about flowers.

Something similar with violets instead of the lavender like flowers, and maybe a lighter yellow or light yellow roses could be done.

After, during/after the fashion show they did their door prizes. I was lucky enough to win! The catch, I had to play a game first! I had to compete against four other girls to win a diamond necklace. To win: we had to dig through a wedding cake (that smelled AMAZING- I would have eaten some off of my hands but I didn't want to look like an idiot in front of everyone) to find a plastic ring. The first to get to that won the diamond necklace. Well, I found the ring in under 30 seconds! I won the diamond! (Edit 1/12: If you go here you can see better pictures of it. Hopefully you can see the pictures!)

About to dig through the cake

The aftermath

Sorry the pictures are blurry. It's pretty hard to take pictures there.

My prize:

Have you gotten to play or win something at a bridal show?


  1. I only attended one bridal show in my entire life like over 10 years ago. I hated it. And all I ended up with was a ton of mail and e-mails from all the stupid sign ups I did. Solicitations are horrible! Anyway, I recently won a blog giveaway though and just received my 20 x 30" wrap around canvas print in the mail today!!! I was so excited and it's beautiful...can't wait to hang it in our new home in just about 3 months. Congrats to you on the diamond necklace! What a great prize...and a fun way to win it :)

  2. Wow, congrats! :) It is fun to win things...hehe

  3. read your blog "spotlight" on With This Ring, I Thee Blog- i also {heart} wedding blogs. I'll be a follower of yours b/c I love seeing other wedding ideas, etc... feel free to take a peek at my wedding blog if you wanna hear what it's like planning a Destination wedding my countdown is on for 2.20.10 in Cabo! Good Luck on your upcoming wedding- isn't planning just a blast! :)
    Thanks for wedding blogging. What a great habit we have huh!?

    www.aandaasonnek.blogspot.com {thanks!}

  4. I can't believe you won a diamond necklace! That's insane! And what a fun way to win it! :)



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