Friday, January 1, 2010

225: Fitness Friday #11

Happy New Year!!

I hope your new year has started off great! Mine's been pretty good so far.

For this weeks weigh-in I'm going to start something new thanks to Miss Rainbow. Not all of the parts I'm going to make applicable yet (pretty much the dress part), and I added in the weight.

  • Weight: 169.4
  • Difference: +1
  • How many days I exercised this week: 0 ( I did play the Wii almost everyday this week though!)
  • How many days I didn’t exercise this week: 7
  • How I’m fitting in my dress: As of when I picked it up in September, it fits fine, but would still like to lose weight to feel better and look better. My dress would need to be taken in.
  • How I’m feeling: Fine
  • Notes: This is where I’ll keep you updated on any new products/videos/exercises that I've tried. I do want to point out though, that with the holidays & all of the snacking and eating I have done with no exercise, gaining one pound isn't bad!
This week I'll talk about resolutions and some of mine. If you go here and look at the Top 10 New Year's Resolutions, you can see that fitness/weight counts for 2 of the top 3! Many people make fitness and to lose weight their resolutions, but a lot of times it just falls through. I'll share with you some of my resolutions, and I'm counting on you guys to help hold me accountable for them! :)

  1. I'll get it out of the way now: Loose weight/Start a fitness routine that I can keep and is effective. I really want to look great on the wedding day and for the honeymoon (even though J says I look great no matter what). I have yet to keep in a routine, especially when I'm not in school. I did great while I was in school, but this month is the most important, and I just need to get in a routine this month & keep one after school starts.
  2. Get seriously organized with wedding stuff & start working on things I really want. I have a whole month to do a lot of work, and I really need to get organized and stay organized until the wedding. Honestly, I've needed to clean off my table and go through things for at least a month.
  3. When it comes time to do the dirty work, I need to be willing to ask for help. I'm one of those people that want to do everything themselves so it comes out "right", well, I'm going to have lots to do, and people are going to need to help me.
Those are my top resolutions that I'm hoping to keep this year!

Do you have any resolutions? Bride-to-Be's: Are they mostly wedding related this year?


  1. I wish I did the fitness thing but I am so lazy...and unlike most, I am attempting to GAIN weight, not lose it. Anyhow, I also don't do new year's me, if you need to work on something, just do it :) A la Nike.

  2. Congratulations on laying out your goals! I'm also trying to get fit, so we're on this bandwagon together :)


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