Friday, January 8, 2010

218: Fitness Friday #12

This will be short & sweet this week.

Weight: 167.2 Difference: -2.2 
Hips: 39" (1" loss)
Natural Waist: 31" (no change)
Upper Arms: 12" (1" loss)
Thighs: 22.5" (1.5" loss)
Calves: 16" (no change)
BMI: 30.6 (Courtesy of National Institute of Health) (0.2 loss)

How many days I exercised this week: 1 ( I did play the Wii almost everyday this week though! I also shoveled a couple days too.)
How many days I didn’t exercise this week: 6
How I’m fitting in my dress: N/A
How I’m feeling: Pretty good
Notes: I haven't tried anything new this week, but I'll be starting pilates (hopefully). I also will be starting the 101 in 1001, so you can follow that over here. I have some fitness/health related goals. I've started eating better this week, well, as opposed to the junk I've eaten everyday from the holidays. Mom also started Weight Watchers, so there's tons of healthy food in the house! :)

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