Saturday, February 27, 2010

168: Sharing Photos 104: The Decision

Well, Josh and I finally decided on a photo sharing site. We decided to go with Flickr. In the end we figured it was the cheapest and easiest for everyone (especially us).

The best part: I made the photo sharing cards! I just need to call up Uprinting so I can combine 2 orders (I won 2 contests, and can get 500 cards!)

Here's my design (I used Mrs. Cream Puff's card for my outline):



Hopefully it all shows up. If not, just click on it. They're both personal files.

Do you think it's good? Suggestions?

Did you make photo sharing cards for your guests? Did they use them?

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  1. You put alot of work into this and it looks great. I guess you had someone test it who isn't very techno-savvy to be sure it's understandable. I love The Wedding Lens, but I am sure you checked out all the sites.


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