Thursday, February 18, 2010

177: Engagement Troubles: The Ring

I told you I'd tell you about my ring, which you saw in my our engagement story.

Honestly, I was very disappointed when Josh put the ring on my finger. The ring wasn't at all what I pictured myself getting, and really wasn't too crazy about how it looked.

What I wanted:

What I got:
Yes, it's from Walmart. I really don't care-same thing you can get somewhere else for a lower price.

Not exactly similar. I was vocal about my dislike for the ring too, which hurt Josh, something I don't want to do. I always blame myself, since I knew it was coming, I should have been sending him some ideas. I guess I never really thought I would get something I wasn't crazy about. (We didn't go together mostly because if we went, I would have know for sure it was coming, which as you know, I did anyway. I'm not, and I don't think he is either, crazy about the girl going to pick out what she's getting. She can send suggestions, but personally, I think it should be up to the man to pick it out.)

The ring has grown on me a lot. It's MY ring, and even though it's not what I would have picked out for myself, it's what Josh gave me. After all, it ISN'T about WHAT the ring looks like, it's the MEANING behind the ring. It's a symbol of the committment that we're going to make. Josh went to pick out what he liked and thought would be a good fit, and honestly, it's not a bad ring. It's very beautiful, just not what I would have jumped to first.

After making piece with my ring, I took a bunch of awesome ring shots. I have some from the winter and just some random ones. I'm hoping to get some spring pictures once it gets nice, and perhaps some summer ones. You'll just have to wait on those. Actually, you'll be waiting on the ones I have too. Those come in another post.

Did you love your ring when you got it? Did you help pick it out, or was it a surprise?


  1. What an interesting post! Such a good question to ask :) My mom actually designed our rings, including my engagement ring. I saw the designs ahead of time and we talked through it. I did not see the final product until MY Josh proposed... which was a surprise. I knew it was coming, but was SO surprised at how he did it!

    I love that the ring is growing on you and reflects YOUR Josh choosing what he felt would be a good engagement ring for you! :)

  2. Surprisingly enough, my Mr. was more adamant about the type of ring than I was. He knew that he wanted to get me a round solitaire, nothing on the sides, just simple. Thankfully, my opinions coincided with his. Otherwise, it might have been more difficult.

    Personally, I think your ring is gorgeous. I've had similar situations with anniversary gifts that he gave me and I didn't 100% love. He gave me a pair of earrings once that weren't really my style, but he LOVED them and loved when I wear them. And since I knew how much he liked them, I wore them a lot. And somehow, they're now my favorite pair, haha.

  3. While I didn't go ring shopping with him, we had browsed around together in the past so he knew what I liked. It was still a surprise when he gave it to me though. Glad you are starting to love your ring

  4. Aww its a beautiful ring! But I know what you mean about it not being the one you wanted. I think its lovely though and you're right-- its from Josh's heart and that's what really matters. You can both go pick out a really nice wedding band together! :) I cannot wait to see your ring shots!

  5. @Bee- We've been looking together for rings. I basically need a custom one so we're trying to find a good price on something that fits.

    @Chocolate Lover- I knew it was coming, whether we went ring shopping or not. How he did it was a surprise to me too!

    @miss fancy pants- haha! That's funny! It's crazy how things grow on you!

    @Ria- That's really cool! It would be so cool to help decide what you want like that, but still not know until it finally happens!


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