Wednesday, February 24, 2010

171: So Many Options, Only One Can Win

Oh, the number of options out there for what Flower Girls can carry down the aisle. I love basically every option, but I can only choose one. The three options that would work best for my Flower Girl are the pomander, the bouquet, and the basket. There are many other cute options, but with the feel of my wedding, and only having one Flower Girl, these are probably best.

The Pomander

The Bouquet

Or these unique bouquets:

The Basket

What did your Flower Girl carry down the aisle?


  1. Oh my gosh, I haven't even thought about what she'll carry. Actually, technically we have two, although we're not 100% sure my niece will make it down the aisle due to stage fright. I love pomanders though, or the basket.

  2. My 4 yr old niece will be carrying a rose pomander. This seems like the best choice for her size and her attention span - on top of the pomanders being beautiful! :)

    Good luck with choosing!

  3. I'm thinking about going with a pomander. I saw a very cute hydrangea pomander and am going to try to make it for my flower girl.

  4. I love pomanders, but I think I would feel guilty for not letting her throw petals - she's SO excited about it! I'm not a huge fan of baskets (I can't find any that I like!), but I can't deprive her of the fun. :-)


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