Friday, February 19, 2010

176: Engagement Troubles: The Date

As you read before, I wasn't having the best engagement week. It was full of disappointment, and fighting, going back and forth through people, no one talking directly to each other (you'll see why in a minute). It. was. horrible. Not really how I imagined my first week as an engaged lady would go. The main problem (I guess I didn't have too many problems, actually) was deciding on a date.

Since Valentine's Day was our day, Josh and I pretty much assumed we would be getting married on Valentine's Day 2010. (Which means I would be a married lady now! Obviously that's not how it ended or we wouldn't be here, and the date wouldn't be set for 8/14. Ok, go on with the rest of the story to find out the ending!) The problem was, our parents (mine, mainly) weren't too crazy about that decision. I'm not sure of their reasonings, but they wanted me to be done with school.

Josh and I had it all figured out. We were going to get married on V-Day, spend the night in a local hotel, I would go to school if I had to, if not, I'd stay out for a while, and we'd go on our honeymoon during my spring break in March.

My parents didn't want to hear it. They wanted me to wait, and pretty much refused us to get married then. There was lots of disagreements between me and my mom, and me and Josh. My mom and I would talk and kind of like the idea of one thing, then Josh and I would talk and wouldn't like it. It was very stressful. We wanted our day, but my mom kept suggesting new ones so we could have 2 days to celebrate.

I didn't want to do it 3 months after Valentine's Day-the next day would be my graduation. When I mentioned 6 months after, Josh wasn't sure because softball goes right up until that weekend, and could possibly be the week after (honeymoon week). We didn't want to wait until Valentine's Day 2011, which was my parent's suggestion. I also didn't want to do it on some random date (I did realize not long ago that I first saw him on 10/10/03, which would mean we could get married on 10/10/10 and it would be both cool and somewhat symbolic, but I thought about it within the last week, so it's a tad too late).

After a long talk with my mom, I told her I'd talk to Josh about August 14, 6 months after Valentine's Day. His concern was being done with softball (he's the coach for our church leagues). He didn't want to miss playoffs, and I don't blame him. I don't either. I told him the last few years that the season was done that week, and the only way we'd have to play during the wedding and honeymoon week was if we needed to reschedule because of the rain. We would just have to do it before, and tell them that we can't do it that weekend-half the team is either in the wedding or going to be guests at the wedding.

He agreed, and decided we could do August 14th. My parents were happy, but we weren't truly happy. We were excited to pick a date, one of the most important things to the both of us, and we didn't get what we wanted. We are happy with the date and that we'll get married, and everything just started working out when we picked August 14th.

How did you pick your date? Did you get the date you wanted?


  1. Trey started college again last year to get another degree, so we planned our date around it. We chose May 15 because he'll have the next week off (honeymoon) - it was either March (spring break) or May (session break), but March is too cold/rainy for our tastes. We would've liked another date better in the beginning, but this one has grown on us so much that we wouldn't change it now. Plus, it's easy for him to remember, 5/15/10...haha.

  2. We just picked a random date because the only one that has significance for us, the 18th, falls on Friday this June and we knew we wanted a Saturday wedding to allow for more time to prepare and celebrate. As it turns out, we were lucky to end up with the 26th of June since it's the only weekend in June that would work for us. My sister's prom is one weekend, her graduation is another and the photographer we wanted was booked the only other weekend. As it happens, I'm really happy to have ended up with the 26th because it falls one day before my grandparents' 51st wedding anniversary, so it ended up being both convenient and meaningful.

  3. Sorry to hear about all you had to go through to decide on a date! We knew we wanted a date in September but weren't really fussy about when. so the date was determined by venue availability for us.

  4. I wanted June 19, 2010 SO bad - It's our 6.5 year anniversary, and I'd been dreaming about it for a long time (secretly for a few years and not so secretly the last year and a half or so)! Unfortunately, David refs a lot of soccer and youth regionals are always over the 19th. He was ok with missing them, but there's a chance his brother will be playing in them, and all of his reffing friends would miss the wedding. So, we went with the 12th. We found out 2 weeks ago that regionals are a week later than normal and the 19th totally would've worked. Grrr.


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