Wednesday, February 17, 2010

178: I'm back!

Almost, for real this time!

I've had a rough time starting school, but now, just over 3 weeks in, I'm finally in a routine to start blogging again! I'm in the process of writing up 2 or 3 posts, so I'll get those out soon! I'm really sad that I'm not avle to catch up on my blog reading. If I missed something good, let me know! :)

I hope you all had a great Valentine's Day! I did, but we didn't do anything special. We always go to the Olive Garden, but we went to lunch with people from church so we figured we shouldn't eat 2 big meals (and we figured that Olive Garden would be super busy!) We just made dinner and rented a movie. Tomorrow we'll be going to the Olive Garden (my grandma gives us a gift card for there every year) and watching a borrowed movie! :) I'm having a friend do my hair, so I'll at least have pics of that! Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of our celebration, or lack of one! :)

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