Thursday, March 18, 2010

149: The Perfect Flatware

We saw yesterday about my dish dilema (actually, we will be going with Harmony, since Kmart didn't have Sand & Sky in the store), and finding the perfect flatware set was just as difficult for me.

I wanted something modern (surprise!), but something that looked good. I wanted it to be Oneida, since that has a good reputation.

I originally went into Bed, Bath & Beyond (BB&B) and registered for their Aquarius set, but after thinking about it, it was really expensive, and I felt bad asking someone to pay $50 or $80 for 1 place setting.

I looked around at other settings in BB&B, and liked this by Robert Welch:

It's very modern, but I wasn't sure if I wanted not Oneida, and it still wasn't the cheapest either. 

I pretty much let it go for a while, just waiting to see what happened, when last week, I got a catalog from Oneida in the mail, their having a huge sale! Even better, I found TWO options that I liked.



I saw the Flight one in stores, and wasn't as crazy about it, so we'll be going with Stasis! A 65 piece set, a 12 person set, will cost $100, and if we add 4 per person settings, it will be an extra $35. Better yet, we have a  20% off the highest item! Not bad, since FMIL said she'll get them for us!

Did your flatware set just fall into your lap?

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  1. I actually fell in love with a set a friend had so I tracked it down and bought it! Love the ones you chose!


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