Wednesday, March 17, 2010

150: Dishes will be the Death of Me

I have had the hardest time picking out dishes. EVER!

My grandma said she was going to be buying my dishes, I just had to pick them out. The only catch was that it had to be Corelle dishes.

I want need square dishes, and have had the hardest time finding Corelle dishes that were square that I liked. There were tons of cute designs, but I wanted the more neutral tones, not bright colors (and by neutral, more brownish). There were other brands I liked, but they were porcelain or stoneware, so I was discouraged from looking at them.

A few weeks ago, Corelle sent out an e-mail saying that they have new designs. I went over to look, not expecting anything, when...wait, what's that!? A brown and blue square plate?! Perfect! Even better, last week they started a sale where you can get $20 off of a $100 purchase!

Sand & Sky

Yesterday, on our way home from Canada, we decided to stop at the Fashion Outlets of Niagara Falls, because they have a Corelle store there. (I was a bad blogger and didn't take any pictures.) We didn't see the new style (posted above), so I was really disappointed, but they did have a similar design that I also liked. KMart's website shows that they have this design, but I'm not sure if they have it in the store or not. It's $5 cheaper than online.
Modern Lines

Unfortunately, Josh wasn't the craziest about this design, so he wasn't so sure about the Sand and Sky, since it's so similar. He thinks it's too plain.

We did come across one that we both really liked. It's Corelle Pro, and it's not on any Corelle website. I've only seen it on Target's website, and we're going to see if they sell it in the store (it's cheaper in Target than the Corelle store by $10). Corelle Pro just means that the dishes are 30% thicker.

We both LOVE the Harmony design, and since it's $10 cheaper in Target (and the same price as Sand and Sky on the Corelle website), and no shipping charges, we're hoping my grandma will go for this.

The only problem is that all 3 of these designs don't come with any coordinating dishes (platters, large bowls, etc). I'm fine with it (it really stinks, though), and am willing to get plain white dishes for platters, bowls, and other dishes, especially since I have a ton of corning ware that I got after my great-grandma died. It all doesn't match each other or the dishes, but I have about a complete set. There is a set (platter and salt & pepper shakers) that kind of matches modern lines:

Josh doesn't want white, and will buy anything (but it needs to have the same colors and be plain, not just any random design in the color) that's not white. He wants all of the extra bowls because he wants all the food at the table when his family is over, but I'm used to having everyone serve themselves buffet style in the kitchen off of the stove. It's even better because there's about half as many dishes to do!

Help me out! What's your opinion?

Do I see if I can find the Sand and Sky just to look at it? Do I go with Modern Lines to get the platter and shakers? Or do I just go with white and Josh will have to deal?


  1. I really like the Modern Lines with the yellow - it's softer looking. I'm digging the Harmony too - can you get serving pieces that coordinate with the set? Not that match exactly? Light blue, brown, that awesome green color? It might be fun to mix it up a little. ;)

  2. We're getting Harmony. Corelle only has sets for a couple designs, so we'll wait for now to see what happens, and if we have to, we'll get white ones.Josh doesn't want white, so I'm sure we'll wait til we find colored ones!


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