Sunday, March 14, 2010

153: Our Videographer

Josh and I decided that we were going to have one of Josh's cousins taping our wedding. We only want our wedding ceremony taped, not everything else, so there's no way either of us can justify spending over $1,000 for a videographer when we don't need much taped.

We decided on having J, Josh's cousin, tape our wedding since he helped tape FSIL/BM K's wedding (and GM/FBIL G's!), and he also taped Josh's grandma's wedding last year (actually, tomorrow is their 1 year anniversary! Happy Anniversary!!).

He's very good at making videos, and I thought I'd share some of his videos with you all! I'll just post my favorites, and you can go to his youtube page and check out more for yourself. There's a ton of other funny videos! Yes, that's him in all the videos!

The Jump of a Lifetime:

The Cloning Box:

Shockwave Engergy:

Rock the House:

Could you imagine him making us float or do some fun things in our video?! We've thought about asking him to do a "normal video," just taping it like normal, and then making a fun video if he can. I'm not sure if we have to do special things, and in that case, I probably wouldn't.

I'm expecting we'll just have him tape our ceremony, and have him give it to us on a disk, and it won't be anything fancy (no floating, no jumping), just us starting the rest of our lives together!

How did you pick your videographer? Are you having them tape more than the ceremony?

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