Thursday, March 11, 2010

156: The Bridesmaid Dress Saga Ends!

Yup! All 6 of my girls picked out a bridesmaid dress and ordered them! I can finally cross it off the list! Remember the dresses I picked for them? I ended up adding a maternity option for BM AM, since she's due 2 weeks before the wedding, and that style will fit her best (I would have made it an option for everyone, and may have chose that one, but I think it makes everyone look pregnant).

Ready to see how everyone chose? I only have pictures of the first round. When I went last night, I know they probably would have killed me for taking pictures, and BM AM was mad her husband was taking some on his phone (yes, he tagged along).

For my 4 non-pregnant bridesmaids, they chose between the two styles that I posted about last time. Here are the two options in the color I wanted:

BMs AG, P & K

Both personal photos

BMs K & S (ignore the yellow ribbon)

For my pregnant bridesmaid, BM AM, I had her choose between those two and a maternity dress. I don't have her in any dresses, so here's a picture of it from the Alfred Angelo site. She looked really good in the maternity dress, and I'm glad she ended up going with it.

And for Maid of Honor AB, I pretty much let her choose any satin dress she wanted, since she was helping me out so much emotionally (she's like my shrink!). She tried on a few dresses, and the ones the girls got to choose from. She didn't like the way many of those fit, and didn't go with the dress she wanted last time. I love the dress she picked out! She'll be wearing sunshine with a fuchsia belt:

I know it isn't exactly what I originally had in mind, having them all very similar, but really, the dresses aren't that different, and they like what they're wearing (hopefully!). I was pleasantly surprised!

Did the final outcome of your bridesmaid's dress selection surprise you?


  1. All your ladies look so great! I especially love the second photo, the strapless one, that dress looks great on and one of my BM knew she wanted it the second she put it on.
    Honestly, our selection process went much faster than I thought it would. I didn't care in the slightest what style they wore, as long as they were all from the same designer so the color would match. But they ended up quickly picking fairly similar dresses so the 2 bridesmaids will be in satin dresses that are basically the same, just different necklines. And my maid of honor ended up picking a similar style, but a different type of fabric.

  2. Those dresses are beautiful! And they all look great in them! I told my maid of honor and bridesmaid that they didn't have to match, and they ended up with the same dress!

  3. Love the dress and the color! Gorgeous! We picked the same dress but in different colors! We are waiting for them to come in!

  4. Very cool that you got your dresses handled. I know it must have been a bit frustrating with different body types and pregnancies and what it's a big relief when it's all finalized. At least your BM's are smiling in the dresses! :) Congrats on a cute find.

  5. Thanks! I'm so happy they have them ordered & picked something they like!

  6. Yes! We ended up with something completely different than what I had thought. But it's for the best! I love your choices!


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