Tuesday, March 9, 2010

158: A Well Deserved Vacation: Camping

Last time, I looked at different hotels we can stay in during our honeymoon. We haven't completely decided what we wanted to do, because no matter where we go, staying on a Friday night is going to cost more. We originally decided to try for tent camping one night, and looking for that I stumbled upon places to cabin camp. This led me to look at costs of staying in different cabins all week, after we stay at the Riveredge for 2 nights.

There are tons of options and locations we can go to for camping, which is great, but I can't really seem to find what I want. I'd prefer to find cabins instead of park sites, especially because it's our honeymoon...and, well, you know! It would be awkward in a tent next to other tents, but, would a cabin be any better? Cottages are nice, but they can be so expensive, and only have weekly rates. I did find a few cottages for a reasonable price. It would be nice to wake up each day, make breakfast, then go on our way. It would be very relaxing, just the 2 of us, and we don't have to worry about room service!

We can stay in Gananoque, Canada at the Landon Bay Campgrounds. It would be tent camping only, and it would be $26 per day. Not bad.

The rest are in America.

One option is Adirondack/1000 Islands Camping. They've got nice looking cabins, good price ($50/night), the only downside is that it's in Watertown, not by the water. A half hour drive to the Islands isn't bad, it would just be nice to stay there.

Another option is the Pionteck Cottages

  • Our 2-Bedroom Housekeeping Cottages are fully equipped and located directly on the St. Lawrence River. We have gas ranges and heat, electric, full size refrigerators, toasters, microwaves and coffee makers. Dishes and cooking utensils are also included.
  • Each 2-bedroom cottage has one bedroom with a double bed and one room with twin beds. Blankets and pillows are supplied but you need to bring your own linens and towels.
Those are $80-90 per night, but I'm not sure what determines the exact price. It's located right on the river, I just couldn't find them in Google maps.

Another option is Crestwood Cottages.

Each cottage has 2 bedrooms with double beds.  They will sleep 4 adults comfortably.
Other amenities include a fully equipped kitchenette w/gas stove,
sink, microwave, toaster, coffee maker, & refrigerator.
Inside each cottage is a private toilet and just a few feet away its own private shower room.
Outside each cottage is a picnic table and charcoal grill.
There is also a community fire pit and swing set for the little ones.
Best of all, each cottage has a screened porch with a full view of the beautiful St. Lawrence River.
Those are $90 per night, and I found their location on Google Maps, and they seem really nice!

We can also stay at a KOA and do tent or cabin camping. For tent camping it would be $47 per night, and for a cabin it would be $99 per night. We can also stay at one of many NYS Parks.

I really like the options of Pionteck's Cottages or Crestwood Cottages. It would be a nice way to spend our first week together married. We could bring our own food for breakfast and other meals, and not have to pay to go out and eat every single night. I know my mom would think I'm nuts, but really, it would be really nice to just get used to everyday life, but on vacation!

Have you stayed at an unconventional place for a honeymoon?


  1. You should definitely spend your first few days as husband and wife the way you both want! Staying at a cottage, enjoying the simple things sounds really romantic!

  2. Did you ever end up staying at a cottage and if so, which one? I am in the same dilemma as you right now and I also am deciding between Pionteck and Crestwood, but Crestwood is all booked up and Pionteck has availability. The thing is they don't have any pics of the interior and I have been searching EVERYWHERE for reviews or some kind of info! Please let me know if you got to rent from them...

    1. We stayed in the Crestwood. It was great!


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