Sunday, March 7, 2010

160: Pens in Disguise

Even though I haven't decided what we'll be doing for the guest book yet, I decided to make some decorations that could double as writing utensils for showers and the reception, when people have to sign the guest book.

I bought a centerpiece from Weddingbee user, mstill. It came with one 4" tall rectangle vase, and two 2" square vases, the had some ribbon around the edge, Gerber daisies, and some glass stones in them. The brown and blue ribbon doesn't match my colors, but I was able to take them off and put the color I wanted on.

Photo from mstill

Unfortunately, when they were being shipped, one of the smaller vases broke, and trying to match the small vases was impossible. I decided to just buy 2 small vases, and they matched the taller one much better. Later, I decided I had enough flowers to make a second large vase, so I went out to buy another one of those. (Yes, this turned out to be way more expensive than it needed to be.)

*All remaining photos are personal photos*
Here's how it all worked out:

The materials (minus the hot glue to put the ribbon on)

I put the yellow ribbon around the vase, at the top & bottom:

I did the same for the smaller vases:

With the ribbon on

I put the flowers into bunches and hot glued them into place:

The materials for the pens

I wrapped the floral tape around the flower and the pens

The completed bunch:

I later decided to add purple stones to them, and put some in each vase

The budget breakdown:
Original centerpieces: $20 ($10 for centerpieces and some for shipping. I think $10 was what it was) 
Extra small vases (2): $5
Large vase: $4
Ribbon: $2
Purple stones: $1.50
Pens: $3
Floral tape: $2
Grand total: $37.50 for 4 decorations/pens

I so could have made those all cheaper if I just bought everything on my own (the only thing I didn't have to buy over was one large vase and the flowers, so who knows). I am a little frustrated at the amount I put into it, but in the end, they're really nice decorations.

Did you have a set back in creating anything? Did it end up costing you more in the end?

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