Thursday, March 4, 2010

163: A Well Deserved Vacation: Hotels

After our wedding, we'll be in desperate need of a loooong break!

So, on August 15, we'll be leaving on our honeymoon in the 1000 Islands! No, it's not a tropical place like we would have loved to do, but where we live (and in the 1000 Islands) it'll be in the 70's and 80's, and we didn't want to go somewhere warm when it was warm at home.

My family has gone to the 1000 Islands forever, but haven't gone in the last 5-10 years since my grandparents sold their place. Josh has never gone, and it's so relaxing it's the perfect place!

Since we're 2 poor kids, we're looking at cheaper hotels, unfortunately we're going peak season, so everything is more expensive. I'm hoping to split the honeymoon into 2 different hotels, so we can save some money. I actually just booked the hotel I've been dying to stay at for years!

The hotel I just booked is the Riveredge Resort for August 15-17. I booked the $195/night rooms (I splurged-we were going to do the $185, but I wanted to make sure we get this view, especially on our honeymoon)

(Source) The hotel

(Source) The view (Boldt Castle)

Now, the trouble is I'm having a hard time deciding the other hotel we'll stay at. We can stay in Alex Bay, where the Riveredge is, go to Cape Vincent, Watertown (which is a half hour away), or across the river at Gananoque, Canada. The problem is, the only hotel I've really found that's affordable is in Alex Bay, down the road. It's a good thing, it just looks like a cross between a hotel and motel...not really what I wanted for the honeymoon. 

The Otter Creek Inn:

This hotel has actually gotten pretty good reviews: 86% recommend the hotel. The hotel is $85/night, and $115/night for Friday, and I have AAA, so I'll get that discount.

The West Winds Motel/Cottages:

I'm not sure how big the beds are, but it's only $65/night. I'm not really sure what comes in each room, and I'm not sure sure how much I want to stay in a motel. The reviews are pretty good, though.

The Buccaneer Motel/Bed & Breakfast:

We can also stay in a B&B. That would be cool. I've never stayed in one before, and there's also a motel option. I just can't see how much it is to stay there, so I'll have to e-mail or call to find out prices. I can't find reviews, either.

Thousand Islands Inn:

It's not much to look at, and the reviews aren't great. The rates are pretty confusing. A room would be $85-95 for one night, or $240-270 for three nights.

We can make the honeymoon a 2-country festival! We can go across the river to Canada and stay in Gananoque at these 2 hotels:

Gananoque Inn & Spa:

The reviews are pretty good, it's just expensive. We'll be paying at least $209/night. It's so pretty though!

Howard Johnson Inn:

The reviews are pretty bad, and I can't easily find any price information. I'm guessing I'll skip this hotel!

Edgewood Resort:

One in Alex Bay that I really wanted to do was this hotel. We stayed here about 5 years ago for my brother's 13th birthday. The problem is, I can only get rooms for $139/night. I've been there once, and know that the hotel is really nice.

What should I do? Should I bite the bullet and go with one of the first two? Do I want to try a motel or go with the Otter Creek Inn? Should I go for the bed and breakfast?

Where did/will you stay on your honeymoon? 

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