Thursday, April 29, 2010

107: Newlywed Map

Josh and I love to go places and travel. The problem is, we don't have any money to do it as much as we'd like, or go to any cool places outside of our area. A cool thing I saw that I would just LOVE to do, is the Newlywed Map. I plan on doing this sometime soon (as soon as I see what Josh thinks and go buy the supplies, then doing it after I have the time when school's done in 2 weeks!)

The original idea is shown here, and the directions are here, just in case you want to do it before I get around to doing it first. What is the Newlywed Map? A big map that I can mount onto a foam board, and stick map pins (which I bought for another project I'll be doing in a couple weeks) into each place Josh and I would go as a couple. It's a great way to show off where we have the chance to travel to. I think it would even make a great gift for Josh's sister. Her and her husband travel a lot, and it would be pretty cool to do for them!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

109: Welcoming the OOTers

I decided a while ago that I would be doing OOT (out of town) bags for our guests that come from out of town and stay in hotels. While I'm still trying to figure out what I want to put in the bags, exactly, I decided I wanted to make a little brochure welcoming our guests.

Since I had such good luck with our STD's, I decided to go back to VistaPrint for the brochures. I found the perfect design, and put the information in.

Friday, April 23, 2010

113: Creating Newlywed/Family Traditions

One thing we've been struggling with while dating/engaged has been holidays. Where do we spend them, and are we together or apart? After the wedding we'll be having some huge changes.

While we haven't figured out who's family we will be spending what holiday with, talking about it is so important. Family is very important to both of us, and trying to spend time with both sides, while not spending too much time at one, has been very difficult. We've spend many times at holidays alone because we've wanted to do what we've always done.

This has to be figured out before the holidays, even roughly, because it will cause lots of fights. I have no idea what we'll decide, but I will be pretty relieved to figure it all out.

Our Wedding Day had some tips here about starting your own traditions. There's some cool ideas. You should check them out.

How did you start your traditions? Was it hard?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

115: A Well Deserved Vacation: The Fun Stuff!

You saw my options for where to stay, now here's the options of the fun things we can do while we're in the 1,000 Islands!

I found a short list of some things we'll end up doing while we're on our trip, and I thought I'd share the ideas.

First, I'll start with some of the "must-dos", then go to the other fun things.

is a huge must. It's the biggest attraction, so we'll be going there.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

116: Our First Dance Song

Josh & I are lucky enough to have many talented friends. One of our talented friends has been going to school for music, and has been in many school operas. Josh, in secret, had asked her to write us a song for our first dance song. She had played it for us in March, and she finally got us the rough MP3 version. Hosh will be playing the drums in the song! He'll practice with this version, then we'll go down to record over this, and voila! We'll have our first dance song!

The lyrics:
Closer by Patricia Carpenter

Words don't mean much you see, without the joy you are to me.
Words are hard to form, but you always know what i mean to say,
This time i just want to get this out.

Closer... you to me.

You know its not so easy for me, to tell you all the things that are on my mind.
Its something that i can't express, because spoken language is insufficient,
because you are, no what i mean to say is please

Closer, come i mean to say closer
Please closer, oh you to me.

I and you, you and me that's the way its supposed to be.
I see you there with flowers in your hair.
Let's spend our lives, could you put up with me?

Could you put up with me?

Closer, come on baby, closer,
I want you so much closer, you to me.

Do you have any friends that did something special for your big day?

Monday, April 19, 2010

117: Ordering the Perfect Invitations

If you are a guest (or think you might be a guest, since you haven't gotten these yet), PLEASE don't read this! You only have to wait another two months to find out.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

118: Cutting the Cake Sneak Preview

Remember the other day when I showed you my options for the serving sets? Well, I got them in the mail the other day and thought you'd all like to see:

I got the Oriental Trading ones. They came packaged nicely, and the look great! I can't wait to use them!

*All personal photos

Were you pleased when you got your serving sets?

Friday, April 16, 2010

120: The Best Surprise EVER!

On Wednesday, I stopped over at Josh's house for dinner and after I was watching some TV, only to turn around to find this in front of me:

This wasn't taken after he put it on the dinner table. I did the photo shoot later!

Yes, Josh went and paid off the ring and brought it home! I was so excited to see this and know that my ring is COMPLETELY taken care of! It's so tempting to wear it all the time!

Now to take care of his ring...

Did you get a really good surprise while planning?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

121: Drinking the Bubbly

You saw the cake serving sets I've been looking at, now let's look at some champagne flutes! I've only seen two that I really LOVE:

Monday, April 12, 2010

124: Cutting the Cake

I've been trying to pick out a cake knife and serving set the last few days. Josh's sister said she'd buy us the serving set for us and give it to me at my shower, something special from her for our big day. It has to be under $30, so finding the perfect one has been hard. I've been looking around trying to find the perfect one, and I think I found it between all of the many options out there.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

126: Our Venues: Reception

When we went to meet with the chair cover people at the reception location, I decided to take a few pictures of the place while we were there. I need to get an idea of where things are placed, and how much room there is, so I can plan on everything. Like the ceremony venue, I'll show you what it looks like and what I plan on doing:

Friday, April 9, 2010

127: One In A Million Chance

We have been on a crazy search for my wedding band. You may remember what it looks like, and because of it's unique shape, we pretty much decided that I would need a custom wedding band to go along with it. We searched 5 different area jewelers looking, and on one had anything that would come close to going with it, so we decided a custom was best, even though it would cost more.

Last semester, I took a class and we had to do a marketing plan for ourselves or an organization and present it in  class. One girl did a plan for her family's jewelry shop, so we went there a couple weekends ago just to get a general estimate for a custom ring (which we had gotten at a few other places, all were between $500-800, depending on what I wanted!) She said it could probably be done around $400, so we decided to go back the next week to get an actual estimate and get a custom ring.

We went back, and spoke with someone else, and we were telling her about another ring I tried, but didn't work out, and she came back with a set and wanted me to try the band. It. Fit. Perfectly! I was so amazed! Josh was shocked that we had found something that could actually go with the engagement ring so well, and not need to be custom fitted. I just knew it was the ring I was supposed to get!

They just had to make sure it could be ordered on it's own, not the whole set, and the best news...they can! The ring is only $355 after shipping and taxes, a lower price than a custom ring, with a lot more diamonds!

I'm a bad blogger, and didn't get a picture, but I guess it's better so you all can be surprised on the day of! :) I'll hopefully remember to get some pictures next week when it's in.

Were you excited to find your ring? Did it come unexpectedly, like mine?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

128: Our Venues: Ceremony

I recently went over to our ceremony venue to take some pictures and get some information from the church secretary. The church we're going to get married in is the church I grew up going to, and they recently built a new sanctuary, and it is beautiful!

I went in and took some pictures, so I could get a better idea on decorating. Here's what it looks like and what I'll be doing:

Here's the altar. We'll have a couple floral arrangements on either side of the wide altar.

This is where all of the music is done for church. We won't use this section.

This is where the bell choir plays. We'll have our guitarist and violinist playing here.

A close up of the altar. We'll have our Unity Flowers here and rest our Cord of Three Strands there. I'm not sure what we'll be doing about all of the candles. We'll decorate those tall ones against the wall.

The doors entering into the sanctuary. We'll decorate those a little, either those or the inside part.

There's a little nursery! If any kids get antsy, the parents can take them here. The parents can still see (I took the picture through the huge glass window), and the kids can play!

*All personal photos except for the first one.

Were you excited about figuring how to decorate/use your ceremony space?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

129: Dishes, Check!

We picked out our dishes, after the trouble we went through deciding which to get.

We decided on the Harmony pattern by Corelle, and my grandma gave me money to buy the first box! We'll hang on to this box, and we'll get the other one to wrap up for the showers!

Personal Photo

I can't wait to use them! Even better, at the Corelle outlet store, they were being sold for $80, and at Target they were being sold for $70! 

Were you very happy about the final outcome of your place settings?

Friday, April 2, 2010

134: Fitness Friday #18

It's time for another monthly check in of my weight loss! I'm sorry I haven't written in the last week. I've been home, with not too much to do. I have been trying to knock things off of my list, and do some school work. I am working on a few posts, so I'm hoping I can do that in the next few week I have 3 days off!

Weight: 155.2 (1.6 loss)
Hips: 37" (1.5" loss)
Natural Waist: 30.5" (0.5" gain)
Upper Arms: 11.5" (0.5" loss)
Thighs: 21" (0.5" loss)
Calves: 15.5" (0.5" loss)
BMI: 28.7 (Courtesy of National Institute of Health) (0.8 loss)

How many days I exercised this month: 8 or so
How many days I didn’t exercise this month: the rest of the month
How I’m fitting in my dress: N/A but I'm fitting into size 11s for other dresses for showers, and I bought a pair of jeans from Maurices in 7/8!
How I’m feeling: Really good!
Notes: I need to find some ways to just tone my muscles instead of working on losing weight. I don't want it to be a pain to alter my dress.