Thursday, April 29, 2010

107: Newlywed Map

Josh and I love to go places and travel. The problem is, we don't have any money to do it as much as we'd like, or go to any cool places outside of our area. A cool thing I saw that I would just LOVE to do, is the Newlywed Map. I plan on doing this sometime soon (as soon as I see what Josh thinks and go buy the supplies, then doing it after I have the time when school's done in 2 weeks!)

The original idea is shown here, and the directions are here, just in case you want to do it before I get around to doing it first. What is the Newlywed Map? A big map that I can mount onto a foam board, and stick map pins (which I bought for another project I'll be doing in a couple weeks) into each place Josh and I would go as a couple. It's a great way to show off where we have the chance to travel to. I think it would even make a great gift for Josh's sister. Her and her husband travel a lot, and it would be pretty cool to do for them!

Do you have a way to show off where you've traveled to?


  1. This is something we want to do too! Love the idea!

  2. It's such a fun way to show off where you've traveled! :)

  3. Cool! What a great idea. It might be a good present for the Mr. too.


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