Tuesday, April 27, 2010

109: Welcoming the OOTers

I decided a while ago that I would be doing OOT (out of town) bags for our guests that come from out of town and stay in hotels. While I'm still trying to figure out what I want to put in the bags, exactly, I decided I wanted to make a little brochure welcoming our guests.

Since I had such good luck with our STD's, I decided to go back to VistaPrint for the brochures. I found the perfect design, and put the information in.

The Outside, picture from the order history page

The Inside, photo from the order history page

I put directions to the venues, a welcome note, a rough itinerary (since we don't have any definites or need them), favorite restaurants, local shopping centers, emergency phone numbers, other important phone numbers, and a reminder for our photo sharing site.

I got the package in the mail the other day, and haven't had time to take pictures yet. Unfortunately, those pictures will have to do for now until I take pictures and get more things together.

Did you include any welcome note for your OOT guests?


  1. Haven't done it yet since we aren't sure of all the details that will go in it yet, but will definitely have a welcome note. Love what you did!


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