Wednesday, April 21, 2010

115: A Well Deserved Vacation: The Fun Stuff!

You saw my options for where to stay, now here's the options of the fun things we can do while we're in the 1,000 Islands!

I found a short list of some things we'll end up doing while we're on our trip, and I thought I'd share the ideas.

First, I'll start with some of the "must-dos", then go to the other fun things.

is a huge must. It's the biggest attraction, so we'll be going there.
Boldt Castle

The Tibbetts Point Lighthouse is another big thing to see over in Cape Vincent.

Uncle Sam Boat Tours is something we'll be doing. I have no idea which cruise we'd go on, but I can't wait to do the tour! I only went once when I was younger! The price depends on the cruise, and all of them sound like so much fun! I'm sure Josh wouldn't like going on more than one, though.

I'm hoping I can get Josh over to the TI Winery. I'd love to get something to bring back for our first anniversary or something, or even wine glasses!

Other fun things:
I would LOVE to do the Champagne Balloon Adventures! I've never gone in a hot air balloon before, and it would be SO fun to do! The problem is, they don't say the cost on their website, so I'd have to call up when we get closer to deciding what we are definitely going to plan on doing, and what we'll plan to do if there's time.

Did you have ideas of what you want to do on your honeymoon? Did you plan it out before you went?

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