Tuesday, April 20, 2010

116: Our First Dance Song

Josh & I are lucky enough to have many talented friends. One of our talented friends has been going to school for music, and has been in many school operas. Josh, in secret, had asked her to write us a song for our first dance song. She had played it for us in March, and she finally got us the rough MP3 version. Hosh will be playing the drums in the song! He'll practice with this version, then we'll go down to record over this, and voila! We'll have our first dance song!

The lyrics:
Closer by Patricia Carpenter

Words don't mean much you see, without the joy you are to me.
Words are hard to form, but you always know what i mean to say,
This time i just want to get this out.

Closer... you to me.

You know its not so easy for me, to tell you all the things that are on my mind.
Its something that i can't express, because spoken language is insufficient,
because you are, no what i mean to say is please

Closer, come i mean to say closer
Please closer, oh you to me.

I and you, you and me that's the way its supposed to be.
I see you there with flowers in your hair.
Let's spend our lives, could you put up with me?

Could you put up with me?

Closer, come on baby, closer,
I want you so much closer, you to me.

Do you have any friends that did something special for your big day?

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