Thursday, April 15, 2010

121: Drinking the Bubbly

You saw the cake serving sets I've been looking at, now let's look at some champagne flutes! I've only seen two that I really LOVE:

My favorite is the one from Personalization Mall (the second set), and I've been waiting for the flutes to go on sale, so their closer to $20. Shipping is going to be about $8, so the less I can spend, the better.

Here's the preview of our information:

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How did you decide on your champagne flutes?


  1. We weren't going to bother with them initially and then we saw a fabulous deal on a set in Macy's and just had to have them!

  2. Mr. B's mom gave us a set that she'd been saving. I have a blog brewin' about it but she bought one set for each of her children a long time ago and saved them for each of their weddings. So Cool!

  3. Chocolate Lover: That's cool! This is one of those things that I just HAVE to have! :)

    BeerBudgetBride: That's really sweet! I can't wait to read about it!


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