Saturday, April 10, 2010

126: Our Venues: Reception

When we went to meet with the chair cover people at the reception location, I decided to take a few pictures of the place while we were there. I need to get an idea of where things are placed, and how much room there is, so I can plan on everything. Like the ceremony venue, I'll show you what it looks like and what I plan on doing:

Left side of the front door

Front door

Right side of the front door

Where the gifts/escort cards will be

Where the cake table will be

Buffet tables set up for another party-ours will be like this

How the tables will be set up

How the tables are set up

One side of the bar

The other side of the bar-I'll have to add little decorations

The girl's bathroom-I can use bathroom baskets!

The girl's stalls-they aren't that bad!

The boy's bathroom

Where the DJ will go

The other side of the head table part, which will probably be left like that

Where the head table will be

The room set up for a wedding-the head table is similar to what we will have
From a friend's Facebook page of their wedding

We brought along our Flower Girl and Ring Bearer's brother along since we were watching, and after we were done scoping out the reception and chair covers he was playing some drums:

*All personal photos except the one with the room set up-that one was taken from a friend's Facebook page.

Did looking at your reception venue the second time around go better than you thought it was going to?

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