Friday, April 9, 2010

127: One In A Million Chance

We have been on a crazy search for my wedding band. You may remember what it looks like, and because of it's unique shape, we pretty much decided that I would need a custom wedding band to go along with it. We searched 5 different area jewelers looking, and on one had anything that would come close to going with it, so we decided a custom was best, even though it would cost more.

Last semester, I took a class and we had to do a marketing plan for ourselves or an organization and present it in  class. One girl did a plan for her family's jewelry shop, so we went there a couple weekends ago just to get a general estimate for a custom ring (which we had gotten at a few other places, all were between $500-800, depending on what I wanted!) She said it could probably be done around $400, so we decided to go back the next week to get an actual estimate and get a custom ring.

We went back, and spoke with someone else, and we were telling her about another ring I tried, but didn't work out, and she came back with a set and wanted me to try the band. It. Fit. Perfectly! I was so amazed! Josh was shocked that we had found something that could actually go with the engagement ring so well, and not need to be custom fitted. I just knew it was the ring I was supposed to get!

They just had to make sure it could be ordered on it's own, not the whole set, and the best news...they can! The ring is only $355 after shipping and taxes, a lower price than a custom ring, with a lot more diamonds!

I'm a bad blogger, and didn't get a picture, but I guess it's better so you all can be surprised on the day of! :) I'll hopefully remember to get some pictures next week when it's in.

Were you excited to find your ring? Did it come unexpectedly, like mine?

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  1. That's awesome! We got mine when Fortunoff's was going out of business. I have 0 patience so I handed the clerk my e-ring, said "can you match this" and he gave me a couple options. I LOVED one, it was my size, matches perfectly, the last one in the store and on sale!! It was fate! Hah!

    Post a pic when you get a chance!! :)


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