Thursday, April 8, 2010

128: Our Venues: Ceremony

I recently went over to our ceremony venue to take some pictures and get some information from the church secretary. The church we're going to get married in is the church I grew up going to, and they recently built a new sanctuary, and it is beautiful!

I went in and took some pictures, so I could get a better idea on decorating. Here's what it looks like and what I'll be doing:

Here's the altar. We'll have a couple floral arrangements on either side of the wide altar.

This is where all of the music is done for church. We won't use this section.

This is where the bell choir plays. We'll have our guitarist and violinist playing here.

A close up of the altar. We'll have our Unity Flowers here and rest our Cord of Three Strands there. I'm not sure what we'll be doing about all of the candles. We'll decorate those tall ones against the wall.

The doors entering into the sanctuary. We'll decorate those a little, either those or the inside part.

There's a little nursery! If any kids get antsy, the parents can take them here. The parents can still see (I took the picture through the huge glass window), and the kids can play!

*All personal photos except for the first one.

Were you excited about figuring how to decorate/use your ceremony space?

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