Friday, April 23, 2010

113: Creating Newlywed/Family Traditions

One thing we've been struggling with while dating/engaged has been holidays. Where do we spend them, and are we together or apart? After the wedding we'll be having some huge changes.

While we haven't figured out who's family we will be spending what holiday with, talking about it is so important. Family is very important to both of us, and trying to spend time with both sides, while not spending too much time at one, has been very difficult. We've spend many times at holidays alone because we've wanted to do what we've always done.

This has to be figured out before the holidays, even roughly, because it will cause lots of fights. I have no idea what we'll decide, but I will be pretty relieved to figure it all out.

Our Wedding Day had some tips here about starting your own traditions. There's some cool ideas. You should check them out.

How did you start your traditions? Was it hard?


  1. This was so hard for us to figure out! We started talking about it early, because holidays are so important to both of us! We ended up deciding on spending Thanksgivings with his family and Christmas with mine. My big thing was I want to wake up at home on Christmas morning, and his family doesn't live in the same city we'll be living in!

  2. Every time we talk about it, we get into the whole "we always go to your family's place for this holiday!". I really wish we started seriously talking earlier!

  3. I think it's a great idea to talk about it now. We're lucky - our parents only live about 15min away from each other. We've already decided that once we have a place that's big enough... everyone can come to US! :)

  4. That would be so much easier!


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