Thursday, May 6, 2010

100: Lessons Learned

We are finally at 100 days left! It's hard to believe that 447 days ago we started this journey! Only 100 to go until we're finally married! I feel like I have so much to do still! Now that school is almost done (I graduate in 9 days!), I'll be able to really work on all of the projects I have left!

But, now for the point of the post, the lessons I've learned in the last 447 days:

The most important one: 
Those who really care will stick with you the entire time. Remember all of the troubles I had in the beginning? All of the people I felt didn't care? Well, I've come to realize that those who really, honestly care about us will be there to support us the whole time, even if a baby is born that day, or another mom is thinking her daughter's wedding was way better. Those who have asked us weekly or occasionally how wedding plans are going, or offer help will be for us no matter what on our wedding day, and will stick with us until the end of the day.

Other important lessons:

  • Everything will work out. Even though we had trouble deciding on a date, in the end, it worked out, and we don't have to worry about softball.
  • We need to do what is us, and love what we're doing. A lot of what we're doing hasn't been done in our family or circle of friends. While we haven't had any opposition, we can expect that not everyone really likes what we're doing. We don't care. We're doing what we like, and what fits us. That's all that really matters.
  • You can't expect your bridal party to care all the time. First, half of them are guys, so you know they don't care about much. Even though all of the girls I asked to be bridesmaids are important to me, I don't see them much. Even though I see half of them weekly, it isn't for that long and we haven't grown up together. While they are excited for us, it's not something they really care about all the time. On second thought, wait as long as possible to pick your bridal party.
  • You will get annoyed. Well, I get annoyed fairly easily, but there will be people that do things that make you go "Seriously!?". Just sit down, and make up your own "Really!?!" segment in your head, then move on with more important things. (Side note: You should go look at more clips other than that one. It's great!)
  • The day is about you. Be excited, be prepared, and enjoy the process!
  • The greatest quote to go by: "Don't let the details become bigger than the purpose."
Have you learned any important lessons on your journey to the altar?


  1. Ah yes - the "softball" argument. I forgot about that. We had it too - you're not alone. 1/2 of his team is in our wedding party too. Luckily we have 2 people getting married before us, so the they'll set the rules. ;)

  2. Yeah! The team is either family, in the wedding, or guests!


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