Monday, May 3, 2010

103: Get a Grip!

I recently saw a post by Miss Dolphin on Weddingbee about these shoe grips to put on the bottom of the shoe. They are so adorable, I thought I'd share!

Now, our venues are mostly carpet, but the dance floor is not carpeted. I don't want to slip or fall out on the dance floor (if I am wearing shoes on the dance floor)! I'll be wearing these all day:

They're comfortable, easy to walk in, cute, and possibly my something old (I wore them at my Jr. Prom and Sr. Ball). It would be a cute addition to my shoe. I'd have to get shoe shots if I get them, but the shoes aren't as fancy as other shoe shots out there.

Want them? Buy them here for $7!

Are these accessories worth for the shoes I'm wearing?

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  1. I bought those a couple of months ago! They are too cute!


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