Saturday, May 29, 2010

77: Riding in Style

When we leave the ceremony, we will be transported by:

A horse and carriage!!!

I'm so excited! At first, Josh found quotes for $600 and up, so he was pretty close to not looking, even asking me to come up with some other things I'd be interested in. Josh got a referral from a friend of ours, so he called Hartland Carriages Ltd (they don't have a website), and found that it would be $375 per hour! Score! The guy told Josh that he'd be at the Rochester Lilac Festival, and to go check out the carriages.

Last Saturday, we went over to check them out! They let us ride for free! Daisy came along so we could get some pictures of her for our table names (which I promise I'll talk about soon!), and she even got to ride too!

She was pulling to look out to see what was going on

So Josh pulled her on his lap to see easier

Look how nice it is! (We picked this carriage-it's way better!)

They put lilacs on, but we can get them flowers & they'll put them on for us!

I didn't get any pictures of the whole thing or the horses (which are blackish/brownish). Oh well, it'll be a surprise for you guys!

Did your preferred method of transportation win out? (You'll understand when you see my dress!)


  1. SO COOL! My mom wanted us to get one, but we have to go on the interstate, soo... no. I wanted a Trolley too but there's none in our area or in our budget. I love the carraige! Can't wait to see your pics!

  2. @Dancy: Aww! That really stinks! Hopefully you can find something cool like a friend's old car or something! :)

  3. WOW! That looks amazing. We've ended up getting vintage cars (a Rolls and 2 limos for the family) which is exactly what the Mr wanted so that works great for us. But there's something just so fairy princess tale about a horse and carriage :D


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