Saturday, May 22, 2010

84: A Minor Set Back

Yesterday, Josh and I finally got around to heat pressing more shirts and the bags I had to get done.

I had two shirts for me,

a shirt for the nephew we're getting for our wedding present,

my mom's Mother of the Bride hoodie (which I'll post on later) and then bags for my BMs. I started with the bag for my flower girl:

It's so adorable!

The next thing I heard was...oh no! I was expecting that the rhinestones stuck to the heat press. Even worse:

The ENTIRE bag did!

Josh trying to clean it all off (he has pants on, don't worry!)

He referred to it as "molten bag" and "liquid bag"

I then happened to look at the bag, and found the tag...

Do not iron....oops!

The worst part was that the girl's bags were the same material (canvas), and we apparently can't heat press canvas fabric (I was going to heat press initials on them all)! So, I now have to go back and buy new bags made with cotton for all 7 girls and my flower girl rhinestones, on top of trying to figure out what to do with these other bags. I only have six, so I can't use them as OOT bags, unless I buy more, and I can't return them because I got them from Cheap Totes. Luckily everything was about a dollar each!

Did you have a set back while doing DIY?

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  1. bummer! can you iron them by hand with a towel covering the bag? i've used that technique with cashmere before and it comes out beautiful. it gives it just enough heat, but doesn't scorch it.


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