Thursday, May 20, 2010

86: Keeping My Girls Warm, Part 1

Almost everyone gives their bridesmaids tank tops to wear at showers or while getting ready that say "Bridesmaid" or "Maid of Honor" on them. I originally was going to follow along and buy tank tops cheap (I bought iron-ons from Jubilee Rhinestones) and do them myself, until I recently decided to buy them hoodies instead. I was looking all over for them until FMIL found some at Kohl's on the clearance rack! They aren't exactly what I wanted, but at $4.20 each (marked down from $30 + 30% off), there's no way I could pass them up.

I got 7 hoodies (I just had to get one for myself-mine's even pink!) and went on my merry way. I washed the hoodies for the girls, and then went to work at putting the iron-ons on (after doing my testing)!

Want to see the iron-ons? They are really cool. I bought enough for me, all 6 of the girls, the flower girl, and both mothers. (We'll only be seeing what I did for the girls. I'll be showing you the mom's another time.)

The iron-ons.

Ok. Now on to what I did.

First, I washed the hoodies

We heat pressed all of the iron-ons

The front

Daisy making sure we're doing our work

Doing the BM hoodies

The finished back

The budget break-down:
Hoodies: $4.20 each
Iron-ons: $2 each
Iron-on paper: $10, but only used 2 pages, so we'll estimate $1.50 for the papers, and $0.20 each

Total per hoodie: $6.40 per hoodie....not bad!

*All photos personal photos

Did you make shirts or anything with your girl's title?


  1. They look great! Looks like they were store bought!

  2. They look great - and I actually have that hoodie in gray and I LOVE it! It's very lightweight and crazy comfortable!

  3. Thannk! I haven't really had a good chance to wear mine yet, and it looks so comfy & light! I can't wait to wear it some!


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