Wednesday, May 19, 2010

87: Map Maker

Following Mrs. Ballet Flat's tutorial, I made multiple maps for various events and reasons.

I made a map with directions to one of my bridal showers:

I made a map to go on the OOT brochures, it has directions to the hotels to the ceremony:

I made a map with directions from the ceremony to the map, which will go with the invites:

It took a lot of time to get them perfect, but it's very easy. I followed Mrs. Ballet Flat's directions exactly, so go over and check them out if you want to try them! I think they look so much nicer than just printing out something from Google Maps.

*All photos saved, personal files
Did you dress up your maps?


  1. The Mr did our maps (following the same tutorial) for our reception. It took him 2 whole weekends to get it looking the way we both loved it. Definitely no more maps for us!

  2. Mr. Milk did ours in a similar way on his mac. Love how they all turned out!


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