Thursday, May 13, 2010

93: Cutest Wall Decor Ever!

I was browsing Pottery Barn Teen today, and found the cutest wall decoration ever!

Mini Mirrors, Hearts cute are those!? How cute would they be at our reception with our Valentine-ish theme?! VERY! And for $19 you get 20 hearts, no shipping. Not too bad since most other things are pretty darn expensive!

I don't think we can stick anything on the walls like this, though. I'm pretty sure we couldn't do anything with the walls other than tape, so I'm not sure if this will be fine with them or not. It really stinks.

Any tips on what I can do to put these on the walls?


  1. Blu-tack. Seriously, that stuff, used properly, can work wonders. And if it's only for a day it shouldn't stain the walls or anything.

  2. Just use frog tape or any sort of painters tape in loops on the back. It should definitely stick! That's all my fiance's roommates used in their last apartment, haha


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