Tuesday, June 8, 2010

67: Thyroid Update

An update from the news I gave you last week: I go in for a surgeon's consultation on June 15th. Hopefully I can get in to do the surgery before the end of June!

Sorry I haven't been updating this week. Understandably, I've been rushing around trying to get information and make appointments. On top of that, wedding planning has been kind of kicked into high gear, since we don't know when this surgery is, and what my activity level will be after.

I created a blog for updates on the whole thyroid thing. Follow that for updates and information!


  1. Oh wow! So sorry to hear you are going through this! My sisters best friend went through this earlier this year. She had to have radiation, which drained her a little, but other than that she bounced back pretty quickly. Hopefully they can get you in soon to give you time to recover fully.

  2. Thanks! I'm hoping I don't have to do radiation. The specialist said I may or may not have to take the radioactive iodine (probably depending on the outcome).


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