Friday, June 4, 2010

71: Unexpected Task

Last week I spent part of the day making a giant to-do list, so I can easily see everything I need to do and cross it off.

Most of the list itself

Just so you can see the actual size.
Both are personal photos

I'm sure I forgot a couple things, but I did use what I had been looking at the last few months. If anything I forgot about comes up, I'll just add it on there. I know I have all major tasks on there.

Unfortunately, Tuesday night, I got a major unexpected task that needs to be done before the wedding. It's not a fun task, and is very serious. I need surgery to remove possible thyroid cancer. It's still so weird saying cancer.

Basically, there's a nodule in the left lobe of my thyroid that has changed in size from last year. They did a biopsy of it, and the cells show consistency with the Papillary Cancer, so they want to take out at least half of the thyroid (whether half or all is taken out is up to me). They said the right lobe has no nodules. I have a consultation appointment with the surgeon on June 15th, so I'll find out more surgery-wise then. All I know that I might be there overnight (mom & Josh are fighting over who gets to stay), and it will be about a week recovery (hopefully I only miss one week of softball!). It shouldn't be too bad. FSIL/BM K had her gallbladder taken out 3 weeks before her wedding! Hopefully with at most 6-7 weeks ahead it won't be too bad. We just need to get it done ASAP since I'll be off the insurance the day I'm married.

I decided that Kutless's song is my theme song (it's been a favorite for a while). Take a listen by clicking on the link on the left side.

I'll be sure to keep you all updated, and let you know what happens after the consultation on the 15th.

Have you had any unexpected things you needed to take care of right away?


  1. I'm sorry for your sad news. A highschool friend has recently been going through the same thing - you're luckier than her, a friend had to take her cat for a week because she's in radiation & can't be near children, animals or pregnant women.

    Here's to you being back on the field in no time!! :)

  2. Wow! That really stinks! I hope I don't have to worry about that. Anywhere I go I see either of them!
    Thanks for the well wishes! :)

  3. Sorry you are going through such a hard time with this diagnosis, but you are lucky to have caught it early and hopefully you won't need radiation or FI had a cancerous tumor removed a few years ago and has been healthy ever since....he was lucky too and didn't need chemo since it was caught early and everything was removed in the tumor.


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