Thursday, July 15, 2010

30: Handmade Notes

I decided that I wanted to make some handmade thank you notes for my shower thank yous. Unfortunately, I only got to use them for the first shower because I only bought one package, and they were sold out when I went back a week later. They turned out really nice:

The supplies, most were already bought for other projects

The cards, which I got for about $4-5 from Walmart

The backs of the cards

I made 7 different varieties of cards

That thank you stamp is actually in our font, and I found it on ebay. We mounted it ourselves, but I didn't get any pictures of that process.

I put a little gazebo on the back of the envelope.

While the other thank you cards were just bought from Walmart, they were nice too. They were my colors and had daisies on them!

Did you go out of the way to make sure your guests get nice thank you notes?


  1. I love your little handmade thank you cards, but I am more focused on the fact that you have 30 days until the countdown is over! Are you flipping out? Are you so excited? I can't believe it's almost here :)

    I just finished mailing the very last of my wedding thank you's glad to be done with that! I just did a post on them earlier this week about what they looked like and what I wrote in them.

  2. Those are very cute. I love that you made them in a variety of designs!

  3. I'm super excited! I can't believe it either! I have posts that go along with the one month, I just wanted to get these other tings I've done forever ago out of the way!! :)


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