Tuesday, July 13, 2010

32: Cake Option Madness

Josh and I went into Big M, where we'll be getting our wedding cake from, and ordered the cake. I didn't take any pictures, mostly because I didn't think we'd be able to really sample anything, and we'd just be telling the baker what we want. Not true. We ended up sampling the filling flavors.

I think we picked the most difficult cake to bake. I have drawings, but basically we're giving our guests almost any option they could think of. There are 8 different choices, which you'll see in the drawings below:

We ordered a full sheet cake, which is half white, half chocolate, and the opposite direction it's half raspberry and half custard. We also ordered a half sheet cake, which is only half white, half chocolate. The last cake we ordered was the actual wedding cake. It's a three tiered cake and is marble. The bottom layer has raspberry filling, the middle layer has custard filling, and the top is just cake, so we can freeze it.

All of the frosting is white buttercream, and there will be light yellow border on the tiered cake, and perhaps flowers on top with our topper.

I can't wait to eat cake!

Were you making difficult requests when ordering your cake?


  1. Yum, sounds delish! I loved the cake-selecting part of planning :)

  2. Wow, so many flavor choices! Your guests are so lucky!

  3. Love all the flavors you picked! I would be a very happy guest at your wedding!


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