Sunday, July 11, 2010

34: Invitations are gone!

A few weeks ago, MOH AB, a friend of ours and I put together our invitations so we could mail them out! All we had to do was put them in the envelopes along with the extra pages, and then address them, but I wasn't ready to address them that night. All we did was put everything into envelopes! Easy peasy!

Inner envelopes

Outer envelopes

Top of the invite

 Bottom of the invite

MOH's "I need more" sign

Folding in progress

Stuffing the inner envelopes

Trying to tame the pile

I had lots of fun trying to stuff the envelopes. The next day I got a final address list and printed out each label and stuck it on to all of the envelopes. My mom and I went to the post office on July 6th to mail out all of the invites.

Excuse the post-surgery puffy face.

I sent my parent's invite to the house so I could see how they returned.

The "finished", mailed invites

The animal rescue stamp with hand canceling

I'm so excited that I got the invites mailed out, and have gotten a couple RSVPs back! I'll have to show you what they look like soon.

How excited were you to finally send them out!?


  1. Awesome - isn't it the best feeling to get them out the door? :)


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