Monday, November 15, 2010

93: Remaining Projects & Recaps?

Pretty soon! I now have the motivation to start finishing up the remaining projects and starting the recaps!! I know, it's only been 93 days. But, I did get the wedding album back in the mail, so I feel that I have one less things to worry about doing, and with the house "finished" (at least for now), I can spend time doing recaps for all of you patient readers.

So, either tomorrow or Wednesday, I'll finish up the remaining projects, which I still need to sit and figure out which projects that I haven't written about and which ones I have pictures of either on my phone or camera!

But, I do promise that you'll be seeing more of me soon!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

82: Our Wedding Album

I finally finished our wedding album! I know I haven't done any recaps on here yet, and I'm hoping that now that I'm done organizing & settling, I can make time to post recaps on here everyday! All I have to do during the day is work, but right now it's only half days, and might be every other day soon too. We'll see, but I do have the time to finally post recaps. About time, since I've had the pictures since 2 weeks after the wedding!

Anyway, enjoy our wedding album I made with Shutterfly!