Wednesday, March 16, 2011

25: A Special Treat

We decided that since two of our Bridesmaids were Gluten Free, and one of our guests is Vegan, to go to a local bakery to have some gluten free/vegan cupcakes on hand so they were able to eat dessert with the rest of us!

The bakery is Eco Bella Bakery, located in downtown Rochester! They were very friendly, and for being gluten free/vegan, their food was very good! We got 12 cupcakes, some white and some chocolate, and got a little cupcake topper made to look like Daisy to go on top! You'll get to see the whole thing when I do my recaps!
I really hope the 3 enjoyed eating dessert!

Did you get a special treat for anyone who couldn't eat the normal dessert?

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