Saturday, March 5, 2011

9: Farewell!

Another thing that I was lucky enough to keep from my inspiration list was the streamer farewell. I bought 2 different kinds of streamers, throws from Special F/X, and wands from Halo Heaven. I figured having wands for people who didn't want to throw, or for the few kids we had there, it would be best.

The ribbon throws from Special F/X were pretty easy (just open them and throw like a ball), but there were TONS of streamers in them. I shold have thought that through, and as you'll see in a little bit,we wree overloaded with streamers!

The wands from Halo Heaven turned out very cute!

 Again, you'll see more of these when I do my recaps!

Did you do a unique farewell?

*All personal photos

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